Customized Out-the-Front Knives Become Commonplace in the Outdoor Industry

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Knives

Whether you fish or hike, there’s a good chance that you carry at least one OTF pocket knife on occasion. Chances are that said knife is a commercially available product that you got from some sort of mass market dealer. With an increased number of custom auto knives for sale, a greater percentage of outdoor enthusiasts are opting for their own custom blades. These can be designed to their exact specifications, which means they could offer features you wouldn’t otherwise find on almost any other custom auto knives for sale.

An average OTF pocket knife might not have a wire stripper or other built-in tool, but these could be very useful for outdoor enthusiasts who might find themselves in an undeveloped area for large periods of time. Finding supplies might be difficult in this sort of situation, so a can opener or some other tool might be an attractive addition to an OTF pocket knife as well.

When it comes to adding new tools, the sky is the limit. However, it seems like blade design is actually the area where enthusiasts are asking for the biggest modifications. Straight blades are usually the only designs you can get in an OTF knife. Those who want a clip blade or some other style might want to look into custom designs as well, since these might have the type of knife that they’re looking for. Outdoor experts may actually want to carry more than one blade so that they can have multiple tools with them at any given time.

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