Classic Java Development Kits Enjoy Comeback Due to Freelance Talent

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Software Development

Casually say the word Java to a project manager and there’s a good chance that they’ll think of Node JS or another comparable dialect. Due to a proliferation of talented Java freelance developers, however, the original JDK is making a huge comeback in the field of custom application development. Individual organizations that need to invest in their own software are opting to work with Java freelance developers who know how to interface a traditional Java virtual machine with modern user interfaces.

Android and other mobile platforms execute JVM-based all the time, though a fair amount of what they run is actually based around Kotlin. Specialists who need to develop advanced number-crunching utilities for these kinds of platforms are turning to Java freelance developers who can write Java code that runs on any sort of device.

When Java first came around, engineers promoted it as a language that allowed users to write a program once and then run it anywhere on any compatible hardware they could get their hands on. While things have turned out to be slightly more complicated than this, dedicated freelancers can help to get various types of programs running regardless of the hardware requirements of any specific situation. Mobile platforms have benefited from this treatment, but an increasingly large percentage of small-to-medium-sized businesses are actually starting to execute Java code on minicomputers.

Firms that don’t have much in the way of internal informational technology staff can always work with freelance professionals to get the job done.

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