Tips on Finding and Selecting a Dog Walking Service in Manhatten and NYC

If you are looking into getting professional dog walking in NYC or Manhattan, there are a few tips to know that will make the process easier. It begins with finding a service that will value you and your pet.


Dog walking in Manhattan takes experience and skill. One method to finding a walker that will match your needs is by looking through reviews. A company should offer up several on its website, and you should be able to find more on social media and other review platforms, such as Yelp.


You will need to find a flexible walker if you have long or unusual hours. You might need someone available on the weekends, holidays, or early mornings. Make a note of an operations scheduling system too. It is convenient if you can book appointments online.


If you want your dog to socialize, it is possible with professional dog walking in NYC. Find out how many pups will be on the walk. Some companies will only walk a few dogs together. Your pet can still socialize, and the walker will be able to pay attention to all of them.


While your pet is experiencing dog walking in Manhattan, you might feel more comfortable getting updates on the outing. This type of communication is available and can give you peace of mind.

Extra Services

Bundling extra services with dog walking in NYC and Manhattan is possible. Some businesses offer mail collection, in-home sitting, and pet daycare. For more details about dog walking in New York, contact New York Tails today.