2 Advantages of Acquiring a Tactical Knife Over a Handgun for Self-Defense

Have you been facing challenges when it comes to deciding between acquiring a firearm or a tactical knife? Do you find it difficult to choose between them as you are concerned about portability, safety, and ease of use? Have you been watching online videos to help you make an informed decision but are now becoming overwhelmed? If so, then here are two advantages of acquiring a tactical knife over a handgun for self-defense.

Permit Requirements

One of the top advantages of procuring a tactical knife over a firearm is that you may not need a permit to carry a tactical knife. As you are aware, acquiring a handgun will require you to follow a series of regulatory compliance steps to legally carry the firearm openly or concealed. A high-performance tactical knife can be carried around with you for protection immediately.

More Than Just for Self-Defense

Another advantage of acquiring a tactical knife over a handgun for self-defense is that this type of knife can be used for purposes other than self-defense. You can use a highly functional tactical knife for outdoor survival applications, providing you with a highly reliable multipurpose tool.

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