What To Consider When Shopping For OFT And Butterfly Knives

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Knives

Knives are among the most utilized tools among people. Having one on your is essential for utility and safety purposes, which is why pocket knives are becoming more popular. However, choosing one for yourself or as a gift can be challenging with all the wide varieties. Here is a guide to help you choose a good pocket knife.

Folding Vs. OFT

These knives usually have their blades hidden when not in use, but the ejection style differs. The OFT knife blades usually jump straight from the top, like a Benchmade OTF Knife. However, in folding knives, like butterfly knives, the blades deploy from the handle’s side. This can be spring-assisted or automatic.

Blade Types

You can choose from a drop point, sheepsfoot, clip-point, needlepoint, spear point, Wharncliffe, straight back, tanto, gut hook, or talon blade. You should also decide whether you want it to have one or multiple blades.

Blade Edges

Blades are usually plain, partially serrated, or fully serrated depending on how you want to use the knife. Plain edges are best for push cuts, fully serrated blades are best for pull cuts, and partially serrated blades are a mix of both worlds.

Blade Length And Steel

This depends on how you want to use and carry the knife. Small blades are usually below 2.75 inches, medium ones are between 2.75 and three inches, while large ones are over four inches. The blade steel is usually stainless or carbon steel.

Handle Material

These usually come in aluminum, celluloid, bone, wood, G-10, titanium, micarta, stainless steel, zytel, stag, Delrin, rubber, Kraton, or mother of pearl.


The brand you choose determines the knife’s quality, materials, and cost. For example, a Benchmade OTF Knife is one of the best when choosing an OFT knife.

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