Need Fire Extinguisher Education and Servicing in Rochester?

Your fire extinguisher is often the first line of defense against a fire: It can prevent a small blaze from becoming a blazing inferno. But your fire extinguisher will only work well if it’s properly serviced and in the hands of someone who knows how to use it, so education is vital to the effectiveness of your fire extinguisher. All Aspects of Fire Extinguisher Services Whether you need to install or upgrade your fire extinguisher, or you need additional units, they can help.


Extinguishers must be installed properly if they’re to work when needed, and older extinguishers must be installed upright. If they’re installed at an angle or horizontally, they probably won’t work, but only a professional will know the age of a fire extinguisher. The corrosion-resistant coating must not be damaged or the extinguisher may not work when needed.


If you need fire extinguisher inspection in Rochester, contact experts. Fire extinguishers installed in a business or public building must be inspected annually and follow local regulations. They can inspect and tag your extinguisher and recommend replacement as necessary. Normally, extinguishers need to be replaced every 12 years but may need servicing in six years or less.

Replacement and Education

If your fire extinguisher inspection in Rochester indicates that your unit needs to be replaced, they can do that and provide education on how to use the extinguisher.

If your fire extinguisher needs inspection or servicing, then contact¬†business name to arrange an inspection. They’re the experts in all things related to fire protection and can make sure your first defense against fire is properly installed and maintained.