Air Quality Regulations are Evolving. Is Your Company in Compliance?

If you manage any type of factory, you likely are required to install some type of air pollution control devices on your facility. This is also true for mining operations, paint shops, landfills, and the oil and gas industry.

As the government grows more concerned with issues such as carbon emissions and climate change, air-quality regulations become stricter. To come under compliance with these evolving restrictions, companies need a robust air pollution control system in place. These can include coalescing fiber bed filter mist collector systems as well as regenerative and recuperative thermal and catalytic oxidizers.

While turnkey systems are available, often, a manufacturing facility will need a custom or a semi-custom air pollution control system to meet its specific needs and local regulations. A company that manufactures air pollution control devices must know as possible about the manufacturing process and air quality requirements for each individual company they work with. They can then use that information to build semi-customized air pollution control equipment to suit the individual needs of each client.

Clean air is important to everyone, and every company must do its part to ensure a cleaner environment. Also, as regulations regarding carbon emissions ramp up, it pays to stay ahead of the curve, and upgrade an existing system now. Staying in compliance with the ever-changing and evolving air quality regulations needs to be a priority for every company.

Air Clear, LLC is a global provider of semi-customized air pollution control devices, based in the United States