Maintaining Your Railway Tracks Is a Breeze in Galesburg, Illinois

Lay people are often surprised to learn that railroads need to maintain tracks. While it’s obvious that clearing tracks is necessary, it’s not common to associate railway maintenance with anything other than removing large debris. In places like Illinois, however, there’s often a lot more than just downed trees that need to be removed from the tracks. For that reason, you will need railroad track maintenance equipment. Here are some pieces of railroad track maintenance equipment that make this job a breeze.

Cold Air Blower

One would think you would want a hot air blower when removing snow from railroad tracks. However, hot air might melt snow, turn it to ice, and make it impossible for train wheels to connect properly with the rails. Ergo, only cold air blower attachments are available for railway maintenance. This attachment blows hard and blows cold air to help snow scatter off and away from the rails and tracks. No ice forms as a result, thus keeping tracks clear and safe for all trains passing through the cold and snowy areas of Illinois.

Culvert Cleaner

There are many culvert pipe openings along tracks to aid in removing water from low-lying areas. Trains can’t move through flood waters and are detained if the water covers the tracks, so culverts remove the water. Sometimes these culverts become bogged down with mud and seasonal debris, like leaves and twigs, which is common to Illinois in fall. The culvert cleaner blasts the mess.

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