Lawn Maintenance Throughout Many Areas Is a Year-round Responsibility

Proper aeration of any size lawn is essential to the health and well-being of the turf surface. Performed on an annual basis, aeration enables water, nutrients, and air to penetrate the lawns surface. This procedure enables grass to grow stronger, healthier roots, as well as aiding the lawn in better heat and drought tolerance. It also aids in less soil compaction, with reduced water runoff.

The proper lawn aeration equipment used can make an otherwise very tedious groundskeeping task much easier. Turf professionals who are looking to make an upgrade in their lawn aeration equipment should check out the Universal AERA-vator. This unit comes in frame widths of 40″, 60″, and 80″, with the frame working with six different shafts as well as add-on accessories like rollers and seedboxes.

The Universal AERA-vator 60T is a towable 60″ self-contained unit, powered by a 23HP engine. The unit is operated by a remote lanyard.

The Groundmaster 360: AERA-vator works with four different 60″ shafts (AERA-vator 60″ shaft, Coring 60″ shaft, Slicer 60″ shaft, Multi-tine 60″ shaft).

The AE40E AERA-vator Tow Behind is ideal in tighter spaces. It is used in conjunction with small mowers or other such vehicles.

Traditional aerators typically rely on their own weight to punch holes or pull plugs. What makes the AERA-vator stand out from other means of aeration is its patented vibratory sensor used to penetrate the turf surface. Needing no specific, special vehicle to be towed, the AERA-vator is a self-contained unit with its own power source.