Sell Gold Lehigh Charleston, SC – Look Out for These

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The price of gold is at its highest. It’s no wonder that there are countless advertisements for gold buyers on the internet and on television. The difficult economic times aren’t making the situation any better. More people are looking for some extra money and are willing to sell gold and get back a fat wad of cash. However, these desperate people often find themselves holding the short end of the stick.

Many merchants today are paying gold sellers less than half the actual value of their gold pieces. When you decide to sell gold Charleston, SC, it is obvious that you will not sell it at its actual value. The merchant must make a profit out of the transaction. However, many merchants have taken advantage of the high demand for gold and the poor economic turn and are purchasing gold from unsuspecting sellers at 20 – 30% of the actual value.

Although these merchants are acting in a deceitful manner, they don’t hold all the blame. If you decide to sell gold you should be careful enough to find out how much your gold is worth. Don’t depend on the gold buyer to tell you how much they will pay for your gold. It is up to you to do the research and check the current market prices for gold. You will then have a figure with which you can bargain. Your gold buyer should not make more than 50% profit off the deal.

Many gold buyers will send you a prepaid envelop for you to send your gold items when you want to sell gold Charleston, SC online. Although it is understandable that they cannot make a visit to your home to evaluate the gold pieces, it is risky to send your items using a prepaid envelope. Your gold items are precious and should therefore be treated as such. You will have no evidence of the items having been received on the company’s end. You should therefore inquire from the company if they have secured shipping services. The company will have to sign when the shipment is received and will not be able to deny having received the package from you.

One of the most common mistakes made by those wishing to sell gold online is taking the company at face value. They come across a company online and read all the stories of people who have received a lot of money by selling their gold. However, you can never be sure the company is legitimate or reputable without carrying out a thorough background check. Check the Better Business Bureau for a review on the company and any records of customer complaints. There are also various other websites with reviews on gold buyers.

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