Got Milk? 3 Essential Things to Remember for Raising Dairy Cows

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Agriculture and Forestry

The idea of getting your milk from your very own dairy cow may seem a bit romantic, but it’s a reality for many cow owners. However, raising dairy cows takes experience, patience, and expertise.

Interested in raising your own cows? The following tips may help you in your new endeavor:

Choose the Best Breed

As you investigate buying dairy cows for sale, you’ll learn that no two breeds are quite the same. Every dairy cow breed has its own average production volume and milk composition. For example, the Holstein breed is known for producing a larger volume of milk. However, Holsteins also have a lower concentration of butterfat than the famed Jersey cow. This is a key factor to consider if you intend to make cheese.

Invest in Teat Care

Teat care is another important aspect to consider when researching dairy cows for sale. Udders are a sensitive and susceptible part of the cow and need to be protected from udder infections with frequent cleanings.

Dairy cows are especially vulnerable to infection during and after milking. Make sure the teat sphincter is thoroughly cleaned to keep your cows’ udders healthy. Another way to improve teat care is to ensure your cows have fresh bedding.

Don’t Forget Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is another important detail to remember when caring for dairy cows. Dairy cows have specific dietary needs like additional calcium and water. Make sure your cows are getting an adequate amount of nutrition by often testing their nutrient levels.

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