3 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Exhaust Fan in Your U.S. Home or Business

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Industrial Mechanical

An exhaust fan is important because it helps remove unhealthy contaminants from the air that you breathe indoors. For the most part, these fans need little preventative care other than the occasional cleaning. However, they do suffer wear and tear damage over time. These signs will help you to know when it’s time to invest in new Fantech exhaust fans.

The Fan is Louder

An early sign that there’s a problem is increased noise coming from the fan’s motor. If it seems louder than usual, you should assume there’s a problem with the motor. The noise may also be of a different type, such as a stronger metallic grating noise or frequent clunking sounds. Any unusual sounds should prompt you to take action.

More Humidity

If you notice that the air in the area has more moisture or humidity than normal, this is an indication that the fan isn’t working properly. This can be an easy thing to miss until the problem worsens, but you should try to be aware of the signs. If you don’t replace a malfunctioning exhaust fan early, accumulating moisture and higher humidity can result in water damage and mold growth.

Persistent Foul Odors

A malfunctioning exhaust fan will also fail to draw odor out of the area, which will be made stronger with higher levels of moisture. If the area still exhibits a lingering odor even after you have thoroughly cleaned the room, you may need to replace your existing system with Fantech exhaust fans. A new and more efficient fan will help lift those odors out of the area and expel them through the ducts.

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