Sign Bracket Maintenance Tips to Have a Better Business Logo

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Business Services, Industrial Mechanical

When you picked the sign for your business, you went with the style the was the most noticeable and appealing. But, as time has gone on, it may have lost much of the luster it once had. This can cause customers to have a poor perception of your business and allow other companies to steal your attention. To regain the radiance you once had in front of your building, you will need to take care of the brackets as well as your sign. The following are tips to get that done.


As you work to keep your business afloat, your attention can be on your product and services each day. While this gets done, your outdoor signage and stainless steel sign brackets can get covered with dirt and grime. To get it back to a better condition, use a brush and soapy water. Or, you can use a light spray from a power wash. Plus, if you put the cleaning on your schedule each month, it won’t be as hard to complete.


Even after a thorough cleaning, your sign and stainless steel sign brackets may still lack the grandeur they once had. The brackets could have corrosion on them. This is common and can be handled with a rust cleaner and a soft brush. The sign could have faded but can be brought back to life. Depending on the materials you used, it can be repainted or replaced.

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