Top 6 Marijuana Jars

The key to storing and maintaining marijuana fresh as it’s harvested is managing humidity and temperature and minimizing exposure and light. Before storage, it should be properly dried to avoid the growth of harmful pathogenic storage molds.

The marijuana jars keep the stock fresh and have features that preserve the stash correctly and allow viewing. The stash jar sets a high standard of marijuana connoisseurs in the world. The jars are lightweight, reusable, durable, and crystal clear.

Special Feature on the Marijuana Jars

  • Tamper-proof lock mechanisms
  • Smell proof seals are 100% airtight.
  • High-powered magnification lenses.
  • Hyper bright LED lights

Marijuana Jars Available

  • The Comet Infinity – The jar stores as much as a quarter of the marijuana. The affordable stash jar has a rechargeable battery. These additional unique features make it better than what’s found in the market.
  • The Comet – It’s compact and affordable. It’s ideal when packed with top-shelf marijuana. The pocket-sized jar with enhanced visuals has a safety combination latch, so kids don’t get to your weed.
  • The Quasar – The jar is stainless steel with a rubberized handle. The patented lid provides a smell-proof experience enabling well accessible aromatic bloom. You can pack all the marijuana that you want in the jar.
  • The Eclipse – It is security compliant and has USB-C charging. These marijuana jars comply in the various retail marijuana markets.
  • The Horizon – The Jar is popular among marijuana enthusiasts worldwide. It offers unmatched marijuana viewing and carrying experience. The jar has brighter LED lights and is rechargeable.
  • The Launchpad – Have you ever thought of floating marijuana? The horizon jar has been modified with an electromagnetic base to provide a weightless levitation contrary to gravity, physics, and reality.

Smokus Focus grows your business by providing an innovative display of jars. Showcasing your marijuana in the light display jar convinces the customer to buy.