The Three Importance of Conducting Pre-Employment Screenings in CA

As a recruiter, you screen your candidates to have the best one. You ask tough questions. However, with hundreds of candidates to screen, how can you screen their background thoroughly? That is right – you must hire someone to do effective pre-employment screenings.

How important it is to conduct pre-employment screenings?

To Check for Criminal History

To make an educated hiring decision, you should be aware of the past and current criminal records of your applicants. These include criminal charges that are deemed to be dangerous. Though you don’t want to judge people based on their criminal record, you have to consider the other people working in your company.

To Get a Complete Picture of Each Applicant

Interviews are great but some things can only be unveiled with background checks. With a background check, you can get to know your applicant better. You will get to know how they are perceived by their coworkers in the past or their relationship with their past supervisors.

It Reduces Cases of Dishonesty

Some people can put on a show during an interview. They write the best resume. They can portray it convincingly. But they cannot do it during a background check. Background checks will verify everything – the schools they attended, the degree they completed, their work history, and even their behavior at work in the past.

Screening can provide you and your entire workforce peace of mind, knowing that you are adding another professionally qualified member of the team.