The Importance Of Hiring A Professional Tree Service In South Bend IN

Taking care of the trees in your yard and keeping them healthy greatly improves your landscaping. This includes pruning, maintenance and the removal of dead trees. Hiring a professional Tree Service South Bend IN area company that can take care of all your needs guarantees beautiful and healthy trees in your yard.

Q. Why is it necessary to prune my trees?

A. Professional pruning keeps your trees healthy and will increase the lifespan of your trees. Pruning procedures may include cutting off dead branches or limbs that are crowded or rubbing together, Pruning can also help to increase the amount of air and light that penetrates to the crown of the tree. It’s important that a professional Tree Service South Bend IN company does the pruning, as improper pruning can actually damage the tree and shorten its lifespan.

Q. What is tree preservation and how can it help me and my trees?

A. Tree maintenance and preservation may include tree bracing or cabling. These measures provide support for trees that are structurally weak, are used to restore damaged trees and for mitigation purposes to help to prevent hazards. Other services include lightning protection, excavating defective or damaged roots and monthly treatments to keep trees and shrubs healthy.

Q. What if I have a dead tree in my yard?

A. Dead or dying trees in your yard is a huge safety hazard. Limbs can fall and injure people, pets and property. It’s important that you call an expert Tree Service South Bend IN area company as soon as you notice a dead or dying tree. Don’t try to remove the tree yourself as this can also be unsafe. Tree professionals know how to correctly and safely remove trees so that no one is injured.

Q. What about the stump left in my yard after a tree removal?

A. Tree professionals offer stump grinding services if you don’t want the stump to remain in your yard. The stump is ground off down into the soil and you’ll never be able to tell that a tree was ever there.

To keep your yard looking beautiful with healthy trees and shrubs, call an experienced Tree Service South Bend IN area company to take care of all your tree needs. These knowledgeable and experienced arborists can do the necessary work, answer any questions you may have and offer suggestions to prolong the life of your trees.