Seeking Proper Legal and Criminal Defense in Kingman, Arizona?

by | Mar 20, 2024 | Lawyer

Facing a criminal charge can be a terrifying experience. If you aren’t sure what to do next after you have been arrested, it’s time to find a defense attorney. Finding defense attorneys in Kingman, AZ isn’t difficult either. You do have options. If you can’t make a ton of calls to find an attorney, have a family member find some good defense attorneys in Kingman, AZ for you.

A Quick Search vs. Searching the State Bar Association

You or your family member could do a quick internet search but it’s better to search the Arizona State Bar Association. The State Bar Association can help you find a good defense attorney near you in Kingman. Once you have a handful of names and contact info, you (or your family member) can contact these lawyers to see how much the retainer is and if any of them will take your case.

Choose a Defense Attorney with a Great Track Record

Most lawyers do their best to win all of their cases. However, there will still be defense attorneys whose win rates are higher than other attorneys. When you want to be certain you are hiring the best attorney for your case be sure to look at the win/ lose ratio data for each lawyer.

If it comes down to affordability, hire the lawyer with the best win/lose ratio within your budget who is willing to take your case. Several phone calls may be necessary.

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