Gallagher Staging

It was Shakespeare who said that all the world’s a stage. For the best in custom and rental staging to rock your world, We are proud to help their clientele meet their production and staging needs. Whether your event is an awards show, concert, red carpet extravaganza, corporate event, studio and television production, or trade show, count on Gallagher to make your staging vision a reality.

We ensure that the stage is properly set for the magic to happen in style and security for big-name acts including Green Day, Kid Rock, J. Cole, Tyler, The KAABOO Festival, and the MTV Fandom Awards.

From runways to stage decking, We have over 40 years of experience in designing, creating, and building the staging solution that meets your needs with safety and style.

Envisioning the Best

Whether building a state-of-the-art site-specific stage or creating portable stage decking, Gallagher can create an environment custom-designed to meet your specifications. You can relax knowing that your staging needs are handled professionally, safely, and on time. We are attentive and detail-oriented in the event and the environment. One example of this is mastering the use of plastics at performances. In 2018 We had provided BPA-free water bottles for their team and installed water filtration stations at each location. Safety, style, care, and attention to detail embody our work ethos.

Providing professional and efficient turnaround, We use state-of-the-art materials and techniques, such as being utilized in the aerospace industry. All work is based on the principle of adhering to the highest standards of health and safety practices.

Awards and Affiliations

We are proud to be recognized by the Event Safety Alliance, Plasa Rock Our World Awards, Parnelli Awards: Indispensable Technology of the Year in Staging, and the Tour Link/Top Dog Award.

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