Benefits Of Hiring A Company That Specializes In Home Water Damage Repair In Pocatello ID

Water can be incredibly damaging to a home. If a pipe inside the home bursts or if a severe storm causes the house to flood, the damage and be exponential. According to experts, there is a window of between 24 and 48-hours where the water needs to be cleaned up before permanent damage occurs. After a flood, there are a few reasons why homeowners should leave the job to a company that specializes in Home Water Damage Repair in Pocatello ID.

No Emotional Attachments

If a homeowner chooses to clean up after a flood on their own, they may be tempted to save items that are unsalvagable. If the homeowner has an emotional attachment to items that have sustained too much water damage or are covered in mold, they will try to hold onto these items. The people who work for the water damage company will get rid of anything that cannot be saved which is essential for the cleanup process.

Hi-Tech Gadgets

Most water damage companies have hi-tech gadgets that can detect standing water beneath the floors or behind the walls. If a homeowner handles the cleanup themselves, they won’t know if there is standing water in these areas without doing damage to the structure of the home.

Industrial Strength Equipment

To dry out the house after a flood, the homeowner will need fans and dehumidifiers. Unfortunately, window fans and residential dehumidifiers aren’t powerful enough to dry out the home within the 24 to 48-hour window. Professional water damage repair companies use industrial strength equipment. This type of equipment is powerful enough to dry out the home completely before any permanent damage can occur.

Mold and Mildew Detection and Eradication

After a flood, it is not uncommon for mold and mildew to develop. Professional water restoration companies are trained to find the areas where mold and mildew are most likely to grow. If they see mold or mildew, they know the best ways to eradicate the problem before it has a chance to get worse.

The first call a homeowner should make after a flood is to a company that specializes in Home Water Damage Repair in Pocatello ID. Call today for FREE estimates.