Auto Security Tips from Your Car Locksmith St Louis MO Specialist

by | Dec 28, 2022 | Locksmith

If a burglar wants to break into your car, there’s essentially nothing you can really do to stop them if they are determined. That’s why the key is to make your car unattractive to burglars. Here are some auto security tips from your car locksmith St Louis MO professional to help keep you from becoming a victim.

Move the Valuables

The main reason why thieves want to break into your vehicle is because they see something valuable in there. You can reduce your chances of becoming a victim by moving your valuables to an area that can’t be seen from the outside. The glove compartment is one of those areas or you can put them in the trunk. Better yet, leave your valuables at home if possible for safe keeping.

Park It in the Garage

One of the ways to protect your vehicle is to park it in the garage if you have one. Keeping your car in a protected area greatly reduces your chances of a thief breaking into it. They are usually looking for vehicles that are in plain view with a quick getaway. If you have it in the garage, it’s going to be more difficult to see and more difficult to run away when they get what they want.

Have the Latest Locks Installed

With help from your car locksmith St Louis MO professionals, you can have state of the art locks installed in your vehicle. There are some locks that will only open if you push the right combination and others that will only unlock if you have the key in the vicinity of the vehicle.

Always Have Your Key

Hundreds of cars get broken into every year because the owner of the car leaves their keys in the ignition or lying on the seat for everyone to see. This is just careless and irresponsible if you do it on purpose. Besides, if you leave your keys in your car, you’ll have to call a car locksmith St Louis MO specialist to come let you in.

Never Use a Hidden Key

You might think you’re being clever and sneaky by using a key that you have hidden somewhere underneath your car where nobody will look for it. But thieves know all the good hiding places and if they are determined, they are going to look in those places. Then they can get into your car without being noticed. Instead, have a duplicate key made by a car locksmith St Louis MO specialist and give it to a friend so you can call them to bring your key in case you ever leave yours locked in the car.

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