Tired of Slipping and Falling in Your Own Boat While on the Water?

Slips and falls account for a high percentage of accidents every year. The statistics on slip and fall accidents, however, are often tied to land accidents. There isn’t much on the topic of slipping and falling on a boat, but you can bet it happens more often than on land because of water in the boat. If you are tired of slipping and falling on your own boat, there are a few options.

Non Slip Boat Flooring

Non slip boat flooring is a type of flooring you can add to the bottom of your boat and the walking surfaces inside your boat to prevent slipping. Even when there’s lots of water inside the boat, you won’t slip because the flooring causes water to bead up and leave traction areas dry. You can buy and install this flooring yourself, or hire a pro to install it.

Non-Skid Boat Flooring

Non-skid boat flooring is similar to non-slip boat flooring in that it will prevent falls. However, non-skid flooring means that if you are moving very fast or running on the deck of your boat, your feet have traction on the floor. Your feet will not skid and cause you to lose your balance. Even when there’s a lot of water on the deck, the traction helps you stay standing or walking. It helps to channel water away too. Get greater foot grip that can help you fish better by installing this type of flooring in your boat.

If you want to find out more about either boat flooring option, contact DEKit via https://dekit.com/.