Tips to Avoid Heater Repair in Santa Rosa, CA

When it comes to your home, the last thing you want to deal with is a broken heater. If you notice something wrong with your heating system, it’s vital to address these issues as soon as possible. A damaged unit can lead to more problems if left unattended. Getting routine heater maintenance services and prompt heater repair in Santa Rosa, CA, will avoid unexpected expenses.

Replace the Filter Regularly

The filter should be replaced regularly, depending on the type of heating system and how often it runs. A good rule of thumb for most residential units is to replace your filters every one to three months.

Keep the Area Around the Furnace Clear

It’s essential to keep your furnace area clear to avoid heater repair. Clean clutter around the furnace. Clear away any debris that could interfere with airflow. Keep the area clear of plants, furniture, or anything else blocking airflow.

Address Unusual Noises or Smells

If you notice your heater is making an unusual noise, take a look at the thermostat. If it’s stuck in one position and the temperature is higher than usual, there could be something wrong with your thermostat.

Checking for leaks is another easy way to spot problems with your heater. Leaks can cause damage to other parts of your home and emit moisture into the air, leading to mold growth if left untreated.

Smells can also indicate a problem with your heating system, such as gas leaks or burnt wires.

Check Airflow Around the Device

It’s essential to check the airflow around your heater. If you see any blockages, clogs, or debris in the vents, it could indicate an issue with your unit. Another thing to look out for is cold spots, suggesting something isn’t heating up as much as it should be.

Schedule an Inspection by a Professional

It’s a good idea to schedule an inspection by a professional at least once a year, especially if you notice any signs of a faulty heater. A professional can help you avoid future problems and keep your home safe from fires by completing prompt heater repairs in Santa Rosa, CA.

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