The Three Questions to Ask Before Tinting the Windows of Your Car

There are two benefits of having your car tinted – aesthetic and added safety. A tinted car is more visually appealing than a car with transparent windows. In a tinted car, things can attract a thief’s attention are safer. However, before you go ahead and find a service for window tint in Jacksonville, FL, here are three things you should find answers first.

Types of Tint

Know the type of tint allowed in your city first. This means the percentage of tint allowed as some cities don’t allow private cars to have a very dark tint. For example, there are cities that limit tint thickness to 35% – meaning at least 35% of sunlight should go through the car. The only window not regulated by most cities is the window behind the driver’s seat.

Type and the quality of the tint go hand-in-hand. Low quality and high-quality tints don’t look different from one another. You will see the difference after a year or two once the cheap tint starts to turn purplish or grayish.

Go With Professional Installation and Learn the Cost

The cost to have a car tinted is not small. It depends on the type of car you have, the number of windows, and the quality of tint you will install. Even if you know how to install one, you should get a professional to do it for you. Look for a service store that sells and does the installation at the same time. After installation, check for dirt under the film and make sure that the film is perfectly fitted on each window before driving away.

Keeping the Windows Up After Installation

This is basic but most car owners tend to neglect the fact they need to wait for up to four days to avoid damaging their freshly tinted windows. Don’t get too excited after installation and give the film some time to fix itself on your car’s windows.

Most importantly, ask! If you are talking to an installer of car window tint in Jacksonville, FL, ask questions before, during, and after installation. Ask the professional tint installers of Advanced Window Tinting Inc. about their car tint services and they would love to answer you. For their services, you can also check their website at