The Role of a Land Surveyor

If you or someone you know has ever utilized the services of one of the land surveyors in Spalding County, GA, it was likely for mapping or determining the boundaries of a piece of property. The truth is though, there is a lot more to the land surveyors in Spalding County, GA than that. They actually have many different roles and can provide a wide range of services to the public. By understanding the role that land surveyors play in our lives, we can have a better appreciation for them and know that they are valuable in many different ways from personal projects that improve your home to civil projects that will improve the city.

Specific Roles of Land Surveyors

It was already mentioned that Land Surveyors In Spalding County, GA will often work on mapping and determining boundaries, but there is more to a land surveyor as well. One of the roles that a land surveyor will often take on is to examine tracts of land. In the same way a property surveyor will check over a property to ensure that it is in proper and safe condition, a land surveyor will check over land. Some of the things they will look for include contamination like pollution or if the land is possibly located on a flood plain or fault line.

Another role that a land surveyor will take on is determining property lines. Because the landscape often changes, it is possible that, over time, the property lines between two owners can become confusing or undetermined. It is the job of a land surveyor to step in at this point to find the correct property line. Using a combination of documents and measuring tools, the surveyor will be able to determine the property lines and find out what part belongs to which owner.

The Tools of the Trade

Now that you know a bit about what a land surveyor can do and how they can assist you, you may be interested to learn more about the tools they use to complete their work. As mentioned above, most land surveyors will use a combination of tools to determine boundaries. One of these tools is the use of documents. Maps, deeds and other documents can be used to determine where the property line sits. Even if the information is on the map, because the earth erodes and changes over time, other tools are also needed. Other tools include transits, theodolites, GPS, calculators, reflectors and many more.

You may think that the job of a land surveyor is very easy, but the truth is, this can be a challenging career. For those of us who benefit from the job that land surveyors do, it is obvious that land surveyors are a vital part of our community.