The Advantages of a Buckeye, AZ Virtual Homeschool for Christian Families

by | May 17, 2023 | Education

For Christian families, a virtual homeschool in Buckeye, AZ can be valuable for teaching a challenging academic curriculum combined with lessons about religion. This form of holistic elementary education integrates the required academics with spiritual growth. It can be particularly appealing to families who don’t live near a school connected with their faith.

Christian Teachings in the Lesson Plans

With a virtual homeschool in Buckeye, AZ, parents have the opportunity to incorporate Christian teachings into the daily lesson plans. They can customize the curriculum to align with their specific beliefs and values. Parents might include discussions about morality in subjects like American history. Reading coursework could include Bible stories in addition to the provided curriculum.

Safe Discussion of Controversial Political Topics

Children in 7th and 8th grade may be ready to learn about and discuss political topics that cause controversy in the nation. A distinct advantage of homeschooling is the parent’s ability to choose subjects they believe their kids are ready for. In contrast, with secular school education, parents have no control over the topics included in current events coursework or how those issues are presented.

Viewing Subjects Through the Lens of Christianity

Another advantage is keeping the learning environment free from certain secular influences or at least discussing those topics through the lens of Christianity. The beliefs the children have been taught will not be contradicted by the educational materials unless parents provide balancing information. A common example is a discussion about creationism and intelligent design contrasted with the theory of evolution.

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