Sewer Cleaning Services in Mesa, AZ Resolve and Help Prevent Backups

by | Oct 20, 2023 | Plumber

A clog in the main sewer pipe can lead to a very unpleasant backup into a home. The household will need to contact one of the sewer cleaning services in Mesa, AZ for a fast solution. The worker uses a specialized tool to break up the blockage and also determines what caused it.

The Process

Skilled plumbers commonly use a tool known as a sewer auger or snake to dismantle the clog. This type of auger has blades because tree roots are a frequent cause of backups. Tiny root ends grow into pipe joints that have become loose over many years, seeking fertilizer and water.

A plumber providing the best sewer cleaning services in Mesa, AZ runs the cable through a floor drain or other access point to the sewer line, gradually sending it farther in. The cutting device spins rapidly, slicing through the roots. When the worker pulls the cable up, additional materials may be present that have contributed to the problem.

Additional Materials

Clogs tend to develop after people flush materials that catch onto the plant growth and accumulate there. Paper towels, tampons, and thick toilet paper don’t dissolve quickly. Dental floss and hair shouldn’t be flushed down toilets, and all drains must have strainers to block hair and other non-dissolving materials.


When household residents and guests change their behavior, backups are significantly less likely to occur. If the problem does happen again, scheduling an annual root-cutting service by the sewer cleaning contractor may be advisable.

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