Improve Your Soil

Many places have soil that is thick, heavy and dense. Clay soil in particular is thick and dense, which can lead to problems such as poor root penetration, a lack of nutrients, difficulty working the soil and problems with ponding of water and proper drainage. Our soil aerification equipment is designed to help you overcome these problems in order to maintain healthy soil, ground cover and turf.

Aeration of the soil is a process in which small plugs measuring 0.5 to 1 inch in diameter and 6 to 8 inches in length are plucked out of the soil. On small areas, this could be done by hand with a tool or with special shoes that look like soccer cleats. However, when you need to aerate a large property, a handheld tool or shoe is not practical. Our professional-grade equipment makes quick work of aerating a large property. With our equipment, you could aerate several acres in a day.

Many different properties need to have the soil aerated. At a city park, the grass will be healthier, thicker and stronger if the soil is aerated once per year. If you are in charge of maintaining sports fields for football, soccer, baseball or rugby, aeration is also important. These outdoor fields also need an annual aeration. Golf courses in particular benefit from having the soil aerated once or twice during each year.

When you are in need of quality soil aerification equipment, contact us at 1st Products. Our associates look forward to telling you about the details of our products and helping you determine which pieces of equipment are best suited to your needs. Give us a call today in order to set up a consultation with our sales associates or visit us for additional details about our equipment.