How to Have the Best Pheasant Hunting Experience in South Dakota Ever

Do your eyes glaze over when somebody mentions “pheasant under glass”? This tasty wild bird often has people wishing they could hunt their own and have plenty of it to eat. Some hunters just want to hunt it for sport, and donate the meat to those in need. Whatever your reason for wanting to hunt pheasant, there are plenty of opportunities for it in South Dakota. If you want to know where to go for pheasant hunting in South Dakota and how to have the best experience possible, read on.

Hunting Lodges Geared Specifically Toward This Hunting Trip

In South Dakota, there are hunting lodges and resorts that focus on providing hunting experiences. They are located on many acres of the best land in the state and provide all the comfort and amenities of home. A guide at these places takes you out to the best areas on the properties to help you find pheasants and bag some birds.

How to Have the Best Experience

It’s easy to ensure your hunting experience. First, find the lodge or resort that most appeals to you. Second, figure out where to go for pheasant hunting and pick a hunting experience and dates that you want. Third, book your experience and make sure you have a flight to South Dakota that can get you there. Fourth and finally, follow all safety guidelines and rules established by the resort/lodge and the guide that is assigned to your trip/experience. Then you will have a great time and have lots of stories to tell when your hunting trip is over.