Discussing A Cremation Service With Your Family

Cremation is increasingly common throughout the United States, including in Hayward, CA. Most faiths accept cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. According to the Cremation Association of North America, the cremation rate in the country is about 57%, and it has steadily continued to increase.

Planning a cremation service has several benefits. Cremation is less costly than a traditional burial service, which is important for many families to consider. A cremation service in Hayward, CA can be planned to honor the specific requirements of your faith, including having a committal and interring the urn in a Catholic church cemetery on consecrated grounds. There are also mausoleums and columbariums where urns can be stored on cemetery grounds.

Talking with Loved Ones

It is important to share your wishes with your family. This is particularly important if the family is not aware of your desire to be cremated rather than having a traditional burial.

Often the family in Hayward, CA, has questions about why you are requesting a cremation service. If you are the first one in your family to request cremation, there are more likely to be a number of concerns or questions. Talking to a priest or asking for advice on how to answer these questions from a Family Service Director during advanced planning meetings is also helpful.

In addition to talking with loved ones, consider putting your request for a cremation service in writing. You can be very specific or just provide the basic information to assist your family in providing the service you planned.

Let the experienced Family Service Directors at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery & Funeral Center assist in advanced planning of your cremation service.