Considerations When Selecting Printed Billboard Vinyl and Vinyl Banners

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Digital Printing

It is advantageous for a company to have physical advertising within their region of business. Therefore, the use of banners and billboards is still ideal.

Billboards are known for their versatility in being erected among different landscapes and terrains. Printed billboard vinyl has a life cycle depending upon the material in which the content is printed. To be specific, a business needs to determine the weight or thickness of the desired billboard. The weight and thickness of a printed billboard vinyl will determine the material’s durability when factoring in the influence of the elements from heat, wind, and even moisture. The frequency or the length of time will also factor in this material attribute. Secondly, the resolution will have to be considered, especially regarding distance and visibility. The complexity of the design will partly governed resolution requirements.

Whereas billboards are useful for highways and thoroughfares, banners have the versatility of being in space-limiting areas. If a business is concerned with the value of a vinyl banner, attributes to consider will include the material strength regarding extreme heat, the ability to withstand mold, and even the tensile material strength to withstand gust. Similarly, these banners which are typically made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vary based upon their weight or thickness. Grommets are also used to ensure the ability to hang the banner while protecting the material surrounding the attachment of vinyl banners.

Although technical, these are material considerations that small businesses should factor in when selecting banners and billboards.

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