Benefits of Raw Dog Food

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Pet Care

The raw dog food diet is something that has been sweeping the dog owning community and is a concept that makes sense. Dogs in the wild grow to be the biggest and strongest by hunting and eating lots of meat. This means that our dogs at home would most likely benefit from that a lot more from a natural diet rather than a hard kibble that looks more like kid’s cereal than the food of a great hunter.

A raw diet involves feeding your dog lots of hearty meats and bones so they can be on the same diet they would be on if they were hunting in the wild. This, mixed with regular exercise, can turn your dog into a healthy well-built animal like you would see in the wild.

How to Keep Your Dog On A Raw Diet
Raw dog food will replicate your dog’s meal in the wild, however, you need to make sure you are giving it a proper diet that still gives it all of its essential needs. Frozen raw dog food is available so that you do not have to spend the time blending up different meats for your canine.

Another thing to be sure of while your dog is on a raw diet is that they are getting enough vegetables as dogs are omnivorous meaning they require nutrients and vitamins from both meat and veggies like humans. Great vegetables for a dog are thick hearty things such as tomatoes or potatoes. A dog’s diet should be roughly 40% veggies or fruit with about 60% meat and bones. Some diets also have oats in them to get the dogs some grains but this is not believed to be crucial necessarily.

Use Frozen Raw Dog Food
Frozen raw dog food is a great option because it is pre-blended for you. This makes it so feeding your dog a raw diet will take no more time than it would on a kibble diet. There is no reason why a change in your dog’s diet to a more natural raw diet cannot be done and your dog will probably show that he or she thanks you for it by being healthy and energetic.

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